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Download Towelroot apk for root Samsung Galaxy S5 and any Smartphone.

Towelroot is developed by Geohot for Root Android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S5 and many other latest Android mobile devices. Towelroot apk is available for direct download on Android devices or you can download Towelroot apk to the PC and transfer to the mobile device via USB cable. Towelroot apk has successfully rooted Verizon Galaxy S5, AT&T GS5, Nexus 5, GS4, Note 3 and lots of Latest Android mobile devices. LG mobile phone can be rooted with combination of modstrings but HTC are not seems to be compatible. Towelroot V3 is alive now! Download Towelroot apk below.

Direct download links for Towelroot apk v3.0

Towelroot apk download for Android

Towelroot modstrings

Towelroot modstrings are used to modify towelroot apk settings according to device requirements. The basic settings are configured for Root Samsung Galaxy S5 and many other devices. You can use modstrings if your device not eligible to towelrooted. These codes will modify exploit parameters to match the device.

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Developer Credits for Towelroot APK

The Rooting Tool Towelroot is a successful project by Geohot.This 100% success guranteed and should alsways give thanks to reputed developer Geohot in bringing this success in root for Android.